Thanks!Raymond @ 10月 31, 2002

看见Raymond的留言,他把那天我在婚礼上拍的照片贴到了Tiger Cafe上:Christina posted these pix from her friend’s wedding she attended. Nice glimpse into modern Chinese weddings.Christina’s group blog is super popular now. Gets like 300-400 visitors a day. I hadn’t checked it for a while, but it has lots of members and people talk up a storm there! When I first knew her, she knew nothing about blogging. She was my first cowriter, back in March. She’s why I have that “translation” button in the left column!不禁有些怀念那段作为TIGER CAFE第一个co-writer 的日子,因为Raymond的引领,我才想到拥有自己的Weblog。我应该感谢RAYMOND,那是一段令人难忘的时光!

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